Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thought Management - Thought For The Day

One of the simplest definitions of meditation is 'the correct use of the mind'. The initial aim of meditation is not to prevent thoughts from arising, but to become aware of our mind, gain mastery over our mental activity and generate the highest quality of thoughts. In time, with practice, we will be able to slow down our thoughts and enter the inner space within our own mind, where there is no conscious thought, only silence. Initially, however, this need not be our aim. We are used to thinking fast and often are thoughts are scattered. Trying to stop thinking would be like slamming on the brakes of a car while traveling at 100 km/hour. We need to be patient with ourselves and give ourselves the time and space to slow down and find our natural inner rhythm.

Re-discovering Internal Strengths - Thought For The Day

Re-discovering Internal Strengths

Make a short list of your truest internal strengths, which you believe you have but do not use in your practical life.

Ask yourself whether any of these strengths can be used to remove unnecessary stresses, tensions or contradictions in your practical life? Now determine that you will bring these strengths into practice at your workplace and at home - where everyone will see the use you are making of them.

Believe in these ideas as symbols of your essential character, rather than thinking of them as separate from yourself. Using this hidden wealth of your strengths in your practical life will help you realize your complete potential and fulfill your goals in your personal as well as professional life.

Kindly realize the POWER WITHIN YOU. It will be unimaginable!

Monday, February 20, 2012

KARMA YOGA - Thought For The Day

Conscious action is the insignia of human life. Action is inevitable; inaction putrefies and poisons the human mind. Moreover, action needs proper direction. Karma Yoga is when your actions are dedicated to a nobler cause, without the ego and egocentric desires, with a spirit of co-operative endeavour. It is action with pure intention. When your intellect is fired with an ideal, your mind remains charged with power.

Today, Karma Yoga is understood only as social service. Of-course, it means that; but then that is a narrow perception of karma yoga. Even if you are working in an organization for a salary, you can still do Karma Yoga. You can think in terms of offering your talent and ability for the growth of the organization that supports the lives of hundreds and thousands of people directly or indirectly. Setting the organization as the goal and pouring out all your efforts towards the growth of the organization means you are performing karma yoga. You are then not considering your personal interest alone. You are thinking in terms of the best interest of every individual connected with it.

So long as your attitude and motive for action is unselfish, you are still performing karma yoga. Therefore, in life, it is not what you do that matters but how you do it is important.

When you think in terms of everyone's interest and when your attitude is unselfish, you will command power. When your activities are dedicated towards a higher purpose, your organs and equipment assume infinite proportions. You are an inspired worker. Energy and power rush into you from all directions. Nothing can prevent you from achieving your goal.

In life, if you can stimulate your mind to be lifted to a great realm of love for an ideal, your mind will remain charged with power. You forget your selfishness. You then begin to think creatively. You become resourceful. You can then overcome indomitable challenges.

If you have a desire to help people close to your chest and were waiting for a right platform, please join us; let us work together as a TEAM to help the humanity.