Friday, August 7, 2009

Be proud to wear your mundu

In support of the MUNDU

Generations of internet users have ridiculed at one of the finest mallu inventions of all time, besides kerala parotta...The Mundu...

Joke and forwards lampooning the humble mundu and its mallu affiliations are legendary...And many among you might have already read stupid jokes like..
"Why is industrial productivity so low in Kerala? Because 86% of the shift time is spent on lifting, folding and re-tying the Mundu "....'ha ha ha' uhhh!!!! What a preposterous joke!! I mean, how someone could get it wrong when everyone knows it is 76%!!

It's high time creases are folded, some dust is kicked, scores are settled and the rest of the world understand some of the finer points about what the French might describe as, joie de vivre ...

The mundu is not a mere piece of's a statement...It's a way of living...and in post life heaven, when the recycled ones arrive at the pearly gates you would hear them thumping their chests and say.... "Proud to die a Munduian!"

The Romans knew about the Mundu but they did not know how to wear it and as patience ran out they finally pinned it behind their shoulders like the dude Commodus in popular gladiator movies ... But we malayalees actually have a good laugh watching what they have done with our Mundu!! In our 'costly' opinion anyone could pull off in a mundu and look smart....except Shaquille O'Neal!

And of course not many realize that Mundu is something which can express itself emotionally....Do you know a piece of clothing which can give 'the signals' based on how its worn? An excerpt from Sigmundu Freud in his famous psycho-analytical journal gives rare insights...

'The slightly above-the-knee folded state indicates ferociousness, anger and combativeness...And a full bloom mundu indicates tranquility, friendliness and peace...Needless to say a state without the Mundu would mean someone is pretty drunk!!!'
Amazing isn't

Remarkably Mundu is the only piece of clothing which you could wear and clear airport security check without a whimper of a beep....And even if they want to strip and frisk, you could probably do it faster than an average Las Vegas striptease act!!...That's why Airport Security and frisking staff have declared Malayalee men as the most preferred travellers across the world..

Three cheers to munduians!!!!

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