Saturday, December 10, 2016

Jayalalitha's daring speech in 1999 given to an English channel

Jayalalitha's daring speech  in 1999 given to a English  channel :

A  question  was posed  to her.                     Tell us about your personal life, as the rumours stick on every corners of your life? 

She boldly answered, " I was a failure  in my personal life. My life is a open book. Everyone  loves  MGR ,even I  did.  But I was not accepted  in a legal relationship.  That made a fire in my mind to make an identity for myself.  I would always feel that if my mother  was alive in my crucial hours ,my personal life would  have been more better than this. But I want to prove that Dr.MGR is my identity. So I entered the politics. An Indian tradition is that  a girl is born as a daughter, then a wife and should die as a mother. I couldn't  achieve myself as a wife.  But I will definitely  die as a mother".             This is the bold answer given by the lady.
What an inspiration 👆

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